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    The ASCOLI 18.2 CU FT ESTAR TOPFRZ REF WHITE, manufactured by ASCOLI, is a top-freezer refrigerator that offers ample storage space and energy efficiency. With a capacity of 18.2 cubic feet, it provides enough room to store all your groceries and keep them organized. This model, ATFR1801EWE, is designed with energy-saving technology, making it environmentally friendly and helping reduce your energy consumption. Its sleek white exterior adds a modern touch to any kitchen decor. The ASCOLI 18.2 CU FT ESTAR TOPFRZ REF WHITE is the perfect combination of functionality, style, and sustainability.
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    The ASCOLI 18.2 CU FT ESTAR TOPFRZ REF WHITE, model ATFR1801EWE, is an exceptional refrigerator that combines style and functionality to meet all your refrigeration needs. Manufactured by the renowned brand ASCOLI, this top-freezer refrigerator is designed with meticulous attention to detail and is built to deliver superior performance.

    With a generous capacity of 18.2 cubic feet, this refrigerator offers ample space to store all your groceries and perishables. The spacious interior allows you to organize your items effectively, making it easy to access whatever you need without any hassle. The top freezer compartment provides additional storage for frozen foods, leaving you with more room in the refrigerator section.

    The ASCOLI ATFR1801EWE refrigerator features efficient energy-saving technology, making it Energy Star certified. By consuming less energy, it not only helps you reduce your carbon footprint but also saves you money on your utility bills. With this refrigerator, you can rest assured that you are making a conscious choice towards sustainability.

    Equipped with advanced cooling technology, this refrigerator ensures that your food stays fresh for longer. The precise temperature control system regulates the internal temperature to prevent any spoilage and maintain the ideal conditions for your groceries. The adjustable shelves and door bins offer flexibility in organizing your items, while the crispers keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp.

    In terms of design, the ASCOLI 18.2 CU FT ESTAR TOPFRZ REF WHITE exudes elegance and sophistication. Its sleek white exterior seamlessly blends with any kitchen decor, adding a touch of modernity to your space. The user-friendly digital display and controls make it effortless to set and monitor the temperature, providing you with convenience and ease of use.

    Furthermore, this refrigerator is engineered with noise reduction technology, ensuring quiet operation. You can enjoy a peaceful environment in your kitchen without any disruptive humming sounds. The durable construction and high-quality materials used in its manufacturing make it a long-lasting and reliable addition to your kitchen appliances.

    In summary, the ASCOLI 18.2 CU FT ESTAR TOPFRZ REF WHITE, model ATFR1801EWE, is a top-performing refrigerator that combines functionality, efficiency, and style. With its spacious interior, energy-saving features, advanced cooling technology, and elegant design, this refrigerator is an excellent choice for any household. Bring home the ASCOLI ATFR1801EWE refrigerator and experience the convenience, reliability, and freshness it has to offer.
    • Manufacturer: ASCOLI
    • Model: ATFR1801EWE
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